Tuesday, 31 March 2009

One more place of the Av. Braz Leme


São Paulo is a interesting city with many sides.
Sometimes you think that you know the city, based on you area, and found different places that´s you do not know, as a big city, like Paris, New York, etc.. Yet, I plan to create images, sketches or photographies, in the north region, and maybe adjacent cities, like Guarulhos. Passing the time, I want to come to poor neighborhoods, out of massive and sophisticated centers. I think there have interesting subjects and a bit explored.

This is the Av Braz Leme, at the Mc Donalds point on this avenue, one of the most beautiful place in this north region.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Aparecida

At the lastest Sunday I travelled with my family to the Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Aparecida (Saint Mary of the Aparecida) in the Aparecida do Norte City, nearby São Paulo and São José dos Campos Cities. The Aparecida is an small city with an basically rural jobs economy, but the religious tourism is very important for the city. This is sketches from the Cathedral, two of the interior and one outdoor of the back side..

I carried my Moleskine, some material for sketching and my camera. The parents of my wife are Catholic and I'm Spiritist (the religion started by Allan Kardec)... I like place´s that make me feel more peace.

Sunday, 1 March 2009



At a Airport, an worker clearing the ground. What about is she thinking? I don’t know…

Watercolor over an inappropriate paper