Friday, 1 May 2009

At an Indian Restaurant

For who likes to enjoy different foods, São Paulo is a great city. On last Friday I went with my friends to lunch at an Indian restaurant. I really enjoyed the vegetarian food. Is true it’s have a good taste. I was surprised with feijoada soybean and also estrogonofe soybean with cheese tofu. Here a sketch of my funny friends while they were waiting for food. And still I heard a girl of another one table commenting: “Look this, he’s drawing!” I really like this!

A very interesting sentence that I read on a sticking plaster at the entrance was “I don't eat nothing that have a face”. I think it´s a funny but serious too. I don´t approve a large killing of the animals and, and I think isn't correct the peoples to complain about the meat tough, of the poor animal that was sacrificed to be there on the us table. I believe we have what we deserve, and perhaps, the Indian people, who are very spirituality, deserve much more...

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